Launchship Work Culture

At Launchship, respect and opportunities are guaranteed to all the team members with an aim to build a fair, balanced, safe and non-discriminated work environment.

The management team always puts forth policies and facilities to nurture and encourage individual and team potential.

While client engagements are important for our existence, the management ensures that the individual team members are provided with all the tools and processes necessary to make the engagement as productive and seamless as possible without being a burden on the employees.

The work culture at Launchship is focussed towards two primary goals.

Build Loyalty

Driven by our company’s Vision & Mission statements, we strive to deliver optimal solutions to clients and products to the marketplace by

  • Being Ethical, Honest and Fair to all parties involved
  • Enriching and supporting our Team to progress Professionally and Personally
  • Ensuring that the team Continuously Learns, Innovates and Pursues Growth

Launchship believes that the above values will ensure both customer and employee loyalty for long, satisfying and fruitful relationships.

Build Competence

Launchship encourages individual members to constantly learn and be at the forefront of all the latest technologies. The team is encouraged and supported to attain industry certifications so that they can face the real-world challenges with greater confidence and credibility. The team members are given ample opportunities to think out-of-the box and to come up with best possible ideas to solve the problems at hand.

We aim to infuse competence & confidence into each of our team member’s personality so that they can achieve higher levels of SUCCESS both in their personal and Launchship initiatives.

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