Top 6 Technology Trends for Web Development in 2019

Since effective web development process involves gathering extensive information about the latest tools and techniques and putting them to the best use, I will list out the top 6 technology trends in this space for 2019 so as to enable you to take the best course of action for your projects. Be it B2B ,B2C or combination e-Commerce projects, you should be aware of the website design trends in order to create a future-ready platform so that you can develop an ideal system that offers a maximum ROI in the stipulated time-frames

As a web development company, here is a list of some of the tools that you should consider:

  • Blockchain Technology - Blockchain Technology, once used synonymously with Crypto Currencies, has evolved and found prominence in many critical technology projects involving Contract Management, Record Keeping, Intellectual Property, etc. Being a decentralized system, it allows for a secure and highly transparent transfer of digital items. Blockchain Technology has many implementations in Banking and Financial Institutions, Real Estate Industry, Digital Payments, Healthcare, Insurance, IT, Human Resource Management, etc. With device hardware getting more powerful by the day, it is only a matter of time when many more implementations of Blockchain Technology reach the masses and must be at the top of the list for all developers and web design service providers. The future scope of growth can be enhanced for e-Commerce websites as well.

  • AMP or Accelerated Mobile Page - An open source project by Google and Twitter, AMP is short for Accelerated Mobile Page, and is a framework that enables development of pages that load faster in mobile devices. With more and more users seeking information on the mobile devices, developers can use AMP Framework to build pages that load at less than 50% of the time taken by traditional web pages. AMP archives this efficiency with support for a highly stripped-down version of HTML. This technology has inbuilt support for content creators to monetize their content with Ads and hence, is a popular choice for publishers and developers working on mobile projects.

  • Artificial Intelligence - AI has found mainstream acceptance from being just a fascinating futuristic idea. It has become an integral part of many web applications like Chatbots, Recommendation Engines, Virtual Assistants etc. Such implementations are resulting in higher user-engagement and better results for the developers.

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  • Javascript - Javascript, once limited to being a programming language working inside the web browser, has now found many more uses on Servers and Devices making it a very important tool for website design. Different multitudes of Javascript frameworks have resulted in the Web Development efforts being more organized, focussed and efficient. Frameworks like AngularJS, Node.js, React, etc have resulted in an enhanced and dynamic User Experience even when dealing with very high volumes of data. Anyone of these frameworks will most definitely find its place in all new and upcoming Web Development projects that you may undertake.

  • Mobile Applications - Mobile phones and devices, with their prevalence and convenience, have become the most preferred choice of users for accessing the internet. People of all ages rely on the mobile devices for their everyday needs. Hence, having a mobile version of all web applications is as basic as having any quality product/service offering. This feature also plays a major role in increasing your presence in the global market.

  • PWA - Progressive Web Apps are regular webpages; but, offer an immersive and Native Mobile Applications like experience to the users. They use the features offered by most modern web browsers and there are many characteristics that define PWAs like Responsiveness, Connectivity Independence, App-Like User Experience, Linkable, Discoverable, Security etc. PWA's are adopted by most modern online businesses and is a technology trend that must be considered for any new web development initiative.

In addition to the aforementioned trends, there are many other technologies that developers/ web design service providers are delving into. The final goal of web developers is to help users and customers find products/services that are ideal to them by developing a web application that is secure, relevant, interactive, adept and progressive. There are many changes that web and website development has seen in the past and the arena continues to use the most disruptive technologies available in the industry. Being cognizant of these and making the most of them at the right time will make e commerce businesses standout and be distinctive.

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