The why and the how of getting featured on Amazon, Facebook & Google

Every eCommerce business owner aspires to have a global presence. To be able to withstand the prevalent competition, it is important that customers are aware of your products/services and also find them better than the rest. Platforms like Amazon, Facebook and Google can help you realize such success because of their ability to attract buyers from different walks of life.

Whether it is a local business or a brand that is reputable in countries from around the world, these 3 avenues will help you gain a strong foothold. Amazon continues to be the top pick for buying and selling a myriad of items. It has localized websites that makes it easier for customers from across the globe to pick items that are relevant to their country/area. Facebook Shop and Facebook Marketplace are gaining popularity amongst eCommerce companies that are looking for their products to be displayed on their respective FB pages. As far as Google is concerned, you may consider the Google My Business forum to improve on your visibility.

In the section below, let us take a look at some of the key marketing features that you will need to consider for earning a place in the top 3 aforementioned platforms.

What eCommerce trends are currently in vogue?

  • Competent logistics - Take the example of Amazon. There are retailers/businesses from around the world that showcase their products here. Most of these are available for delivery the next day an order is placed. Having a foolproof delivery system gives better User Experience. Therefore, taking care of the logistics is something that you should plan ahead. Having a steady stock at strategic warehouses, convenient pick-up schedules, timely shipping, etc, are aspects that need to be addressed at all times.

  • Quality products - This goes without saying. Selling a substandard product will not only affect your brand; but, will decrease your chances of getting featured on Amazon, Google and Facebook. If you dream of making it big in the eCommerce realm, this is the first thing that you should work on. Having a top-class product is the foremost pre-requisite for the success of any business as far as short and long-term goals are concerned.

  • Advertising - Facebook & Google are predominantly advertising platforms. eCommerce companies showcase their products/services on them to create awareness amongst prospective clients on a larger scale. Hundreds of millions of people use these platforms and the chances of your target demographic being a part of this number is highly likely. Your strategy should be such that customers find your brand to be the best in the category. Having a solid advertising plan will help you achieve this.

  • Defined target audience - Every e-Commerce company should define its target audience and base its products, services and marketing strategies on the customers. This ought to be done at the start-up phase so that you are aware of how to go about marketing and distributing.

  • Security & Privacy - As important it is to offer products and services that are the best in their respective classes, it is equally pertinent that an online business offers secured payment gateways. Multiple payment options should be included in order to help customers from around the world have a seamless shopping experience. In addition to the convenience, security is a major attribute that describes a viable business model. Privacy is yet another feature that is pursued by all the online shoppers. There is a lot of important information that is shared by users and it is the responsibility of the business owner to ensure that this data is safe and does not fall into the wrong hands.

All of these need to be integrated so as to create an e-Commerce company that is relevant in every aspect. When such an online website is available, people tend to prefer it over others and thus, the ROI is increased.

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eCommerce is a realm that is multiplying by leaps and bounds with every passing day. You will need to build an efficient advertising team that understands your perspective and works towards improving your ROI. Being included in the top three websites makes things easier. However, there are many other strategies such as word-of-mouth marketing, localized SEO and brochures which can be used in the initial stages. Using these in addition to being included on Amazon, Google and Facebook can take your business to greater heights.

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