Technology trends in product and app development that leaders cannot ignore

The impact of COVID-19 on the entire world is slowly decreasing due to the global vaccination drives that are being conducted on a daily basis. Though most people are still following the work-from-home culture, the economy is getting back its foothold steadily owing to decreased restrictions and enhanced business opportunities. Technology has played an important role in helping enterprises gain the upper hand in such a situation. However, there has been a shift in how products and services are being perceived and received in the global market. Mobile-ready solutions and innovative products are being sought by users.

The ever-changing customer demands and the dynamic market conditions require improvement in mobile app development and product development. Leaders and successful entrepreneurs are looking for ways to implement the latest technology trends to accomplish the same. Whether it is product or app development, keeping the whole process as futuristic as possible is the key to dealing with the competition. Following are a few technology trends that the industry leaders vouch for:

  • Artificial intelligence

  • At the end of the day, how well an app interacts with the user and provides an engaging experience is all that matters. Using Artificial Intelligence, the mobile app development process has become more customer-centric. Making them more customized and relevant is possible with this technology trend. Another factor worth mentioning is that AI makes apps secure. Cybersecurity is one thing that cannot be taken for granted, and giving users a safety net is something that pays off well.

    There is a lot of data available on how users behave on a particular app and the interest that they show for particular products on websites and apps. The same is easily analyzed by AI and these insights are being used to create better products.

  • Blockchain Technology/strong>

  • People wish to know how their information is used by a certain app/website. Transparency at every level is important for them. Using Blockchain Technology, this can be achieved. Making apps flexible, easy to use, and transparent is the way forward for mobile app development companies in the future. Custom app development with the implementation of Blockchain is a trend to be considered. Since every step in the development is recorded and can be revisited, it becomes easier as well.

  • Naturalization of AI

  • Instead of implementing AI at a later stage in the app, using such tools at the time of development can be termed as the naturalization of AI. Making it a core component of the process since the beginning can help create a more stable and enhanced product. Even enterprises wish to use AI in their infrastructure to save human time and effort in redundant activities such as system reboot, etc. Such integration is beneficial to everyone.

  • 5G

  • Almost everything that is possible on desktops/laptops can now be done using portable devices. Customers want everything on time and instantaneously. With the 5G rollout, mobile phones will become faster and efficient. So, using feature-rich apps should not create any connectivity problems in the future.

  • Beacon Technology

  • Location-based searching is something that retail as well as eCommerce websites can benefit from. Beacons are wireless transmitters that are known for their small sizes. They use Bluetooth technology to connect with other smartphones in the vicinity, thus creating better interaction. Some of the benefits include accuracy and dependability.

  • Mobile commerce

  • Mobile commerce or mCommerce is a term used to describe buying and selling of goods and services using portable devices. Apart from shopping, activities such as bill payments, online banking, etc, are also included under this umbrella. As mentioned above, mobile phones have become a significant part of our lives and most of us cannot do without them even a single day. So, one of the app development trends that enterprises should pursue is creating a secure payment gateway for their customers.

    The future of mobile app development and product development depends on how well developers are able to imbibe the latest technology trends and create disruptive solutions that meet all the needs of the prospective customers. Business leaders have already accepted the same and are building an infrastructure that supports their vision. With the help of all the aforementioned tools, this can be made possible effectively.

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