Mobile App Development Frameworks that Work Best for Startups

Mobile applications have surpassed websites as far as popularity, usage and convenience are concerned. People wish to have the best app in their hands for their varied needs and it is imperative that startup businesses give them the best user-experience and a functional app on any given platform. There are many things that go into app development for startups. However, one thing that cannot go wrong is the software

The framework that you choose for mobile app development plays an important role in the success of your startup. Based on the type of apps and the target audience, you will need to ensure that you pick the most appropriate one. To help you in this endeavor, here is a list of some of the popular choices available:

Top mobile app development frameworks explained


  • A flagship of Google, this open-source framework is one of the most widely used mobile UI frameworks. It is known for its cross-platform app development features. So, you can build iOS and Android apps simultaneously. It is an easy to use tool that uses Dart programming. There are several ready-to-use widgets which means that developers do not have to write the entire code themselves. Another advantage is that Flutter allows you to modify existing widgets in addition to creating new ones.

  • Mobile Angular UI

  • A perfect amalgamation of Bootstrap and AngularJS, this framework has a variety of interactive components that are required for a mobile application. This is also an open-source tool that supports cross-platform apps and is supported by Google. The code can be reused in the framework and it functions on minimal maintenance.

  • Xamarin

  • Use the same code for Android, Windows and iOS app development in Xamarin and save time. This framework is from Microsoft and is open-source. It uses .NET and C#. Startups business is all about timely and flexible development and this framework offers all this and much more.

  • React Native

  • A framework from Facebook, this tool is one of the most used ones by startups. Since it uses JSX which is perfect for novice developers. It is seamless and is known for creating stable and high-performance mobile applications. React-native app development is yet another time-saving and reliable solution for startups that is cost-effective

  • Ionic

  • Built with Angular and Cordova, this framework is ideal for mobile applications as it creates the best navigation experience. Since it takes care of almost all UI elements, developers can work on the other aspects of mobile app development. You can create apps for Windows, iOS and Android using Ionic. The time-to-market is comparatively faster with this one and startup businesses can make the most of this benefit.

  • PhoneGap

  • Most of the startups prefer PhoneGap framework. It is because of the fact that it is easy to use. There is no need to learn any special coding for developing apps. This is free and you can build native-looking mobile apps by using HTML, CSS3 and Javascript. It supports both simple and complex apps and these can be created with lesser effort. A tool from Adobe, this is catching up fast with the startup businesses.

  • Corona SDK

  • The one thing that sets Corona SDK apart from the others is that it is comparatively faster. The overall quality and performance of the mobile application are maintained at all times and the framework is quite flexible across multiple screen resolutions. It also supports cross-platform app development which is ideal for any businesses, especially startups.

  • Onsen UI

  • A native and hybrid mobile app development framework, this is best suited for application UI. It comes with a number of pre-designed UI components that can be used in the development process. Compatible with JavaScript frameworks, this is also suited for complex apps. There are a number of comprehensive training manuals that developers can refer to when using Onsen and learn while they develop in an easy manner.

Summing up frameworks for app development for startups

Each framework mentioned above comes with a set of unique features and usability that startup businesses can make the most of. Based on your individual needs and specifically that of your apps, you can choose from among the list and create products that are best suited for your target audience. Make sure that you do not have to put in more effort than what is required and go over your budget in the process.

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