How can entrepreneurs get the best output from their developers?

It is a foregone conclusion that entrepreneurs and developers do not get along as well as they should. In the software development industry, both of them need to work hand-in-hand for the successful implementation of any ideas. There is a difference in how each of them perceives the other’s tasks and this leads to friction.

However, there are many instances in which developers are quite happy in their roles and stay loyal to a single company for a substantial amount of time. It is important that entrepreneurs are aware of the needs of the developers and are able to offer them with the best working environment.

In the following lines, let us take a look at some of the tips that entrepreneurs can take up in order to make their developers put their best skills forward:

  • Give time to developers - It is a fact that software development and/or integration cannot be accomplished in a day. Developers need time for designing and building effective software solutions. They may encounter several problems during the process and all of these need to be fixed before moving forward. Software development is a continual process that includes writing the code, testing it, applying it and updating it whenever there is a need. There are dynamic market development strategies that need to be taken into account as well. This changes the whole outlook of the product and can lead to extra work in any given phase. Therefore, while setting the targets, it is important that the task at hand is considered. For example, any customization features will take more time than general coding. Developers should be given the difficult tasks first, so that they can provide the relevant timelines and set the right expectations for the entrepreneurs.

  • Trust your developers - When coders say they need time, you have to trust them. As mentioned earlier, it is not an easy job as there are multiple aspects to it. Take the development phase for instance. It is an iterative process that gives rise to software solutionsfor definitive requirements. Similarly, the implementation phase relates to the successful integration of these solutions into a business establishment or other infrastructures. This requires expertise and the whole workflow cannot be rushed. Developers form a significant part of your business and therefore, have to be given their due. However, trusting them implicitly does not help either. Keep an open mind and believe in their skills. A full stack developer is hard to find and when you identify such a person, make sure that you create an environment to earn their loyalty.

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  • Motivate them - The developers that matter the most and produce the best results need to be rewarded. When they feel that their work is recognised, they will be motivated to give more towards the respective company’s goals. Employ the best communications strategies to make them feel important when they have accomplished something special in the stipulated time period.

  • Entrepreneurs need to be better listeners - Compared to the entrepreneurs, the technical knowledge base of developers is much broader and their advice should be considered at all times. If there are any glitches or issues, ask them for the ideal solution. If they need more requirements in terms of information such as customized features, provide them with the same. When developers voice their concerns over something, they wish to be heard. Entrepreneurs have to listen to their needs and make sure to create a conducive work atmosphere.

  • Be open to learn technologies - A certain amount of computer literacy is expected of entrepreneurs. Since they need to interact with developers on a daily basis, it is important that they are able to comprehend the technical details. Most of the entrepreneurs of today are technically sound. However, in their zeal to create a successful business, they fail to update themselves by learning about disruptive techniques. This creates a gap between them and the developers.

As far as the developers are concerned, even they need to work towards bridging the so called gap between themselves and the entrepreneurs. They should acknowledge that the entrepreneurs have a lot on their plates that they need to take care of. Whether it is at the start-up stage or later, there is a constant pressure to increase the ROI and meet the preset goals. Whilst designing growth strategies, they would not want to address the petty issues of the developers.

Developers will have to respect their priorities and try to meet the deadlines without delays. This is beneficial for both the entrepreneurs as well as the developers in the long run.

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