Many people nowadays have decided to take advantage of all positive aspects of the latest wireless router. They have bought the best in class wireless router with a desire to get the maximum benefits on a regular basis. On the other hand, they seek the complete guidance regarding how to setup this wireless router and fulfil their requirements on the wireless router for Wi-Fi. The following details explain about the smart approach to setup a wireless router for Wi-Fi.

Connect a wireless router with a modem

Once you have chosen and purchased a wireless router from a renowned brand on the market, you have to connect this router with your modem at first. Every router has the best stuff to share the broadband Internet connection with a wide range of devices when this router is connected with the broadband modem.  You can use an Ethernet cable to connect the modem and the router directly. 

If you have done it, then you have to connect the broadband modem to the Internet port available on the wireless router.  This is worthwhile to connect a video game console, a computer or TV with a router by using an Ethernet cable as long as these devices available nearby the router. The main advantage from this connection is the fast and stable connection. You have to connect your wireless router with at least one computer by an Ethernet cable. This is because you have to adjust the router settings.

Connect the wireless router with the broadband provider

The next step is to register the MAC address of the wireless router to the ISP – Internet Service Provider.  The MAC address is printed on the router. You can also listen to the router user manual and get this MAC address.  If you have noticed this MAC address, you have to visit the website of your ISP. You can login using the username and password and go to the MAC address update option. Once you have entered the current MAC address of a router, save changes.

The router configuration  

You have to find the IP address of the router at this time. You can do it in different ways.  You can look at the label on your router and find out the IP address directly.  Open the prompt command and type in the ipconfig. This command assists you know the IP address of your wireless router. According to one of the common IP addresses of routers in our time is Linksys router has this IP address.

Open the web browser on your computer that is connected with the wireless router.
Enter the IP address of a wireless router in the address bar. Press the Enter button.
You will be redirected to the Configuration menu of the wireless router.
Enter the valid username and password. Usual username and password for many brands of routers are admin and password.
You will be entered into the router and look at the main menu of your wireless router
Choose the Wireless section and set up the wireless network
Enter a name for this wireless network. This name will be visible seen by every device that has been scanning for networks.
Select a security method from a list of choices. This is worthwhile to choose the WPA2-PSK encryption method for creating the most secured wireless network.
Enter the passphrase for the wireless network by choosing a password that has a good combination of symbols, letters and numbers.
Save all these settings
Change the default username and password of your wireless router
Use built-in blocking tools for restricting some sites from accessing         

Connect devices    

Once you have done all abovementioned instructions, you can connect devices like Smartphone, tablet and computer to your wireless router. If your device is within the wireless network range, then your device finds out the SSID name of your wireless network while scanning. You have to enter the login details at this time.

Enter the password when you have geared up for connecting your device with the wireless network.  You do not have to enter the wireless passphrase each time you access the wireless network from the same device. This is because the wireless network stored in the memory of the device and connects to the network automatically. 

You can connect your Smartphone, tablet, computer, laptop, printer, TV, game console and other devices to this wireless network without difficulty and delay. You will be happy to engage in the most secured wireless network.

IP address is renowned among users of routers and wireless networks these days. This is because this IP address is one of the common IP addresses of reputable brands of routers. For example, Linksys router has the IP address Users of Linksys router use this IP address and configure the router as per their requirements.

Source: How to Setup a Wireless Router for Wifi