Classic tips to keep ahead of competition in the eCommerce business

Online shopping has become popular amongst people from all walks of life and is set to take over the brick and mortar stores from around the world. Whether it is apparel, electronics, groceries or accessories, there are multiple sources which offer high quality products at competitive prices. With just a few clicks, shoppers can get the job done and save time. This is a time saving and easy method of shopping that people of all ages are resorting to.

The convenience that an eCommerce business offers is huge. However, the competition is also increasing with each passing day. Every business has its own platform selling the respective products and services. This has led to thousands of websites dealing with similar merchandise. For an eCommerce company to stay ahead of the competition, there are a few proven tips that can be utilized at any point in time. Let us take a look at them in the following lines:

How can you keep your company afloat in this cut-throat competition?

  • Draw viable business goals - Amongst the several startup strategies, feasible business goals form a major part in the successful implementation of any online entity. Depending on these, the online representation has to be designed and implemented. Entrepreneurs cannot expect to be overnight successes. There is a lot of hardwork that goes into it. Whenever it is the short term and long term goals that are being formed; the timelines need to be considered first.

  • Good User Interface - A sloppy website does not go well with users. Even if the products and services are a class apart, it all boils down to how conveniently viewers can get convinced about them. If they have to visit 5 pages before getting anywhere near the offerings, they would rather visit another website that is faster and better designed. The user interface is the first thing that browsers come across as soon as they click on a link and they should be able to like it in the first instance. When designing an eCommerce startup, make sure that your online platform is user-friendly and does not require the customers to spend more time than is normally needed.

  • SEO friendly content - At what position your website ranks in Search Engines is what determines your online visibility. Whenever a prospective customer types in a certain phrase into a search engine, the first ten results have the highest chances of being clicked on. In order to be at the top of the list, the content in the website needs to be SEO friendly, amongst other reasons. From the domain name to the short description and the actual content inside the website, you will need to research the keywords and use the most relevant ones for your specific business idea.

  • Customer service - Right from the time a customer visits your website to the time an order is delivered and beyond, customer service is something that keeps the ‘connect’ up and running. A stellar support team is the prerequisite for any successful online shopping entity. In addition to the manual responses/assistance, there are many tools such as chat bots, live chats, a review/feedback forum and space for suggestions that will help you in this aspect. It will also make customers feel important and heard at all times.

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  • Mobile ready website - One of the most pertinent startup strategies is having a mobile app. Customers want everything ‘on the go’. So, why not offer them an option to seek your products/services whenever the need arises? Make sure that you provide a viable eCommerce solution for mobile devices in addition to the web. This will improve your accessibility since smartphones have become a way of our lives.

  • Importance to security - A lot of sensitive information is shared on the web/mobile devices in order to complete a transaction/sale. As a website owner, you will need to create a secure platform that keeps such information safe. Only when customers trust your platform will they become repeat visitors.

  • Efficient logistics - Unlike the brick and mortar stores which have dedicated warehouses and/or storage units, an eCommerce business may have to rely on suppliers for their storage solutions. Having a streamlined system in place takes care of delays related to shipping, tracking and delivering. When customers place specific orders, they wish for them to be delivered on the stipulated date. If this requirement is not met, the entity might lose its reputation. Therefore, this is an aspect which needs to be addressed by eCommerce startups.

  • Manifold payment options - In keeping with the convenience factor, online stores offer multiple payment options such as cards (online and upon delivery), cash (on delivery), UPIs and even EMI (Equated Monthly Installments). This makes it easier for a larger customer base to make the most of such websites without thinking twice.

A lot of work goes into making an eCommerce website functional. It is a continual process in which business owners need to understand the needs of the customers and make changes whenever there is a requirement. From security to flexibility and mobile ready apps, there are many important aspects that need to be considered. All of these make a viable website for any business ideas.

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