How to select the best software development company for your business?

The trials and tribulations of selecting the software development company to come up with a software pertaining to your needs and paramount to a business, is not unheard of. Coming to a proper conclusion regarding the decision to entrust a complete stranger with the responsibility of developing the lifeline of a

This app uses spectral analysis to analyze objects and their makeup

Begin: WordPress Article Content Normally, if the creators of an app claimed that it could look inside things and tell you their constituent parts, I would tell you to go peddle your snake oil elsewhere. But this app is from veteran R&D group Fraunhofer — so it may very well

An inside look at why Apache Kafka adoption is exploding

Image: iStockphoto/monsitj Apache Kafka, the open source distributed streaming platform, is making an increasingly vocal claim for stream data “world domination” (to coin Linus Torvald’s whimsical initial modest goals with Linux). Last summer I wrote about Kafka and the company behind its enterprise rise, Confluent. Kafka adoption was accelerating as

Google will soon integrate Progressive Web Apps deeper into Android

Begin: WordPress Article Content Progressive Web Apps, which are basically sophisticated web apps that are able to use features like push notifications and a local cache to give users a native-like experience, have been on Google’s radar for the last few years. While they almost look and feel like native

Why VMware's NSX must evolve to keep up in a serverless future

Image: iStockphoto/Vladimir_Timofeev One of the challenges facing VMware is the growing competition to VMware’s flagship vSphere virtualization platform. The source of competition exceeds Hyper-V, KVM, and public cloud IaaS. Containers, microservices-based architectures, and serverless computing pose unique challenges not only to vSphere, but to NSX as well. With a reported

H-1B visas: The top 5 myths

Image: VIPDesignUSA, Getty Images/iStockphoto To “protect the American people from terrorist attacks by foreign nationals admitted to the United States,” President Donald Trump recently signed an executive order that freezes travel for 90 days for citizens from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen. Additionally, the US Refugee Admissions

New PCI Express 4.0 delay may empower next-gen alternatives

Image: iStock PCI Express 3.0 is enterprise computing’s dominant standard for communication between memory, microprocessors, networking, and storage, but it’s facing new competition, as its upcoming major update is underwhelming to some of the most important observers. Officials of PCI-SIG, an industry group that controls the specification, talked about their

Conductor’s new mobile app helps businesses understand what customers are searching for

Begin: WordPress Article Content Conductor is launching a new mobile app that co-founder and CEO Seth Besmertnik described as a way to get quick access to “the voice of the customer.” The New York-based company started with a focus on search engine optimization before broadening to offer a broader range

How a mobile app was developed in one day for New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman

Julian Edelman (left) has an app for his JE11 brand that Zudy created in just one day. Image: Zudy Julian Edelman, the wide receiver for the New England Patriots soon to be seen in Super Bowl 51, needed a mobile app for his personal brand, JE11, that he uses for